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Mogo Zoo, on the NSW south coast near Batemans Bay, has been using Sashas Blend with some of their more senior inhabitants for over 2 years now. Recognising the benefits of Sashas Blend for treating joint conditions and arthritis, the head keeper, Hannalie Van Der Merwe, has been adding Sashas Blend to their regular diet to provide relief from the discomforts of joint stiffness and joint degeneration.

Those receiving Sashas Blend are Oscar, a 22 year old male Jaguar, Rosco, a 17 year old male Bengal Tiger, Ngwane, a 12 year old male Serval and Cameroon, an 11 year old female De Brazza Monkey. Hannalie has also introduced Sashas Flexibites to the Meerkats and finds that they really enjoy the taste of the venison based ‘bites’.

Interpath has been so impressed by the Mogo Zoo’s commitment to treat their animals with Sashas Blend that they are now providing sponsorship to the zoo and have nominated Ngwane, the Serval as the recipient. A Serval is a long legged wild cat of the Africa savanna. Ngwane has degenerative joint disease and along with his daily dose of Sashas Blend, and Metacam for the pain, he is kept comfortable with heat lamps and straw on his beds. We receive regular updates on Ngwane and the other animals and will continue to support the zoo in their commitment to the preservation of endangered species

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Mogo Zoo Photo Gallery:

Oscar - Male Jaguar, 22 years


Ngwane - Male Serval, 12 years


Cameroon - Female De Brazza Monkey, 11 years


Rosco -  Male Bengal Tiger, 17 years

Pictures courtesy of Jonathan Poyner


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