The Science Behind Sashas™

Veterinary Endorsement

"We have been using Sashas Blend for 7 years as our 1st choice nutraceutical for mild to moderate arthritis with almost 100% owner compliance and satisfaction with the pain relief achieved for their pet".
-Dr. Michaela Keen BVSc, Lambton Veterinary Clinic, NSW.

How does it work?

Sashas™ reduces pain and inflammation, and protects joints from breakdown associated with arthritis and other inflammatory cartilage conditions. Interpath has scientifically proven that the ingredients in Sashas™:

1. Significantly reduce PGE2 production* (reduces pain and inflammation)

2. Increase cartilage cell viability and decrease the loss of GAG's from the cartilage matrix * (reduces cartilage breakdown)

3. Inhibit Nitric Oxide Production* (reduces the pain sensation and damaging oxidation of cell membranes within the joint)

4. Safe to take Long term - Protect the stomach and other organs (Components ofSashas are known to help protect the gastro-intestinal tract and other organs)

Click here to learn more about the Joint Degeneration Process >


Click here to learn more about the Joint Degeneration Process >

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