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I use, and have been using for over a year and a half now, Sasha's Blend on my Border Collie's meal each morning. Raven has turned 5 this month and has been competing in the sport of Agility since she was just over 18 months old - at around 3 years old she starting pulling up lame in the front shoulder after practice and trials - the canine sports physio we went to said it was due to the stresses she placed on her front legs doing the weaving obstacles at maximum speed. We pulled out of trialling and training for a while and I started her on Sasha's Blend as I had heard it was good for joint injuries and maintenance of the material that allows joints to work fluidly.

She has never been lame since and has avoided all injuries since being on Sasha's Blend, her recovery time after runs is awesome (where other competing dogs are tired she puts more speed on!) and her speed is such that we often win 1st place. From 5 trials so far this year she has had five 1st places. We train each week 4 or 5 days and she trials on the weekend doing anything up to 8 runs or more.

I intend to keep her on for the rest of her life. Agility is a fast growing and exciting sport here in Australia (for every breed and cross breed) and many people who see Raven want to know what her diet is and I always let them know the only supplement I use on her daily meal of a premium kibble and yoghurt is Sasha's Blend. When my 6 month old puppy's growth plates have finished developing and just before he starts trialling around the age of 18 months I intend to start him on Sasha's Blend as well.


Simone Tolhurst (Agility Addict)

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