Sashas™ Club - Ralph


Cocker Spaniel
Presenting problem: Hip Dysplasia
Age: 9
Owner : Ralph

Ralph was only 18 months old at the time of his hip dysplasia diagnosis. We knew there was something wrong as he was so stiff and sore when he got up after lying down for a while, and often at times would not even come out of his kennel. His hip problem is quite severe and obviously something he was born with. Before we started Ralph on the powder, we would take him for a walk and run and he would have to stop quite often and lie down for 30 seconds or so. We thought he was just being a lazy dog.

We noticed an improvement in his mobility after a couple of weeks on Sasha’s Blend. Anyway, 6 months down the track, Ralph is going extremely well and now his problem is not noticeable at all. He rarely, if at all, "bunny hops" and does not complain when he has to get up. Nowadays, (although we were advised not to...) we let him off his lead (he really loves to run and we thought that a happy dog now is best) and he runs and runs and can do the 5-6 kilometre walk, that is his usual daily trip, without any troubles.

There is, without a doubt a very noticeable improvement in his life. We are very happy with the outcome.
The powder lasted 6 months, so that is not in anyway expensive.

An update on Ralph

Dated Added: 13/09/07

Ralph is now 9 years old and still on Sashas Blend™. His Hip Dysplasia has gotten worse over the years, and we took him to the vet for a check up recently as he was getting quite stiff legged in the mornings. She took Xrays of both hips and both are riddled with arthritis and bony spurs. We then sent those Xrays down to the specialist to see what we should do for Ralph. He said that Ralph needed a double hip replacement, at a cost of $5000 each hip.

We needed some time to think about that option, so decided to double Ralph's dose of Sashas Blend™ and see what happened. Well, our little dog is still a bit creaky in the morning, but warms up and can run and jump and play as good as any puppy.  He has quality of life and does not seem to suffer any pain from his ailment.
We will keep you informed of Ralph's progress again as things change. Thanks for a great product from us and Ralph.
Linda & Laurie & Ralph
RIP Ralph 10/11/2007



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