Sashas™ Club - Peanut


Breed: Golden Retriever
Presenting problem: Ageing joints
Age: 14.5
Owner : Andre

Peanut is a Golden Retriever. He is now 14.5 years old, which is getting up there for a goldie. About a year ago, we noticed that he started losing some of his muscle mass in his back legs and slowing down as a result. Getting up off the floor was getting harder. We asked our vet what we could do. Peanut didn't really have much arthritis, but it was getting harder for him to get around.

Our vet, Dr Mark Simpson of Sugar loaf Animal Hospital in West Wallsend, recommended that we try him on Sasha's Blend. Initially we didn't notice any difference, but gradually, he seemed to have less trouble getting up. He also seemed to have more "spring" in his step. He has been getting Sasha's Blend once a day now for about 1 year. His situation has stabilized now and he has more energy.

Another side effect, he also really looks forward to his meal with Sasha's Blend. As mentioned, one time we forgot to put Sasha's Blend on his meal and he wouldn't eat it. As soon as Sasha's Blend was added, he was a happy camper :-)

The photo that I attach was taken on the weekend when we were at Hawks Nest. He had a great time running on the beach up there and going for a swim.

Thanks for the product, he likes it :-)



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