Sashas™ Club - Maggie Mae

Maggie Mae

Sheep Dog
Presenting problem: Arthritis
Age: 11
Owner : Anne

I got Maggie nearly four years ago from an animal shelter, believe it or not someone didn't want her. They thought she was then 7 or 8 years so I guess now she is about 11 or 12 years. She is the gentlest girl in the world and in all the time I have had her I have never even heard her growl. She is so well behaved that when we walk (which is at least once or sometimes twice a day) she is never on the lead. She usually walks near me but sometimes hangs back to smell the scents another dog has left on a tree or something similar. Then she runs up to catch up to me. She never goes on the road and only crosses it when I tell her to. That was in fact the first sign that something was wrong. I trained her to sit on command and then she would wait until I told her to cross the road. For about the last 12 months she has not wanted to sit.

As she is so obedient I knew that something had to be wrong. The next thing I noticed was that she would find it very difficult to lie down. Inside she would stand for ages and then put her top half down and then 'ease' her bottom half down.Also at times she was finding it very difficult to walk and almost tripping over nothing. So this made me think that as well as it being in herhindquarters it may also be in her front legs.

About two months ago I tried Sasha's blend after talking to my vet and getting some from him. I put a heaped teaspoon into her dinner every night. She loves it and eats it all up, in fact she often goes back to lick her bowl so I can assure you there is none left. In the last couple of weeks I have noticed a marked improvement and it is obviously beginning to kick in. She is walking much better, and her pelvic girdle moves a lot more freely.

She is running again and is very full of life. Perhaps most importantly the smile is back on her face - she is again a very happy dog. As mentioned previously last night I saw her lie on the floor and her whole body went down in one smooth movement. She still has a little way to go but I believe that it is only a matter of time and she will be like a puppy again.

Thanks once again for helping my dog

Keep up the good work

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