Sashas™ Club - Maddie


Breed: German Shepherd
Presenting problem: hip damage
Age: 6 Years
Owner: Marcia

Maddie is a very much loved andspoilt dogandhasonly just turned 6.So it's beenan "insurance" with her - against the problems she will get when she getsolder.

The person we took her to (the dog whisperer) said she was born with a defect in the hip and thatshe would never recover from it and that arthritis or hip displacement may setin, in later life.Maddie has adjusted to this by dragging the back leg. She turns it inwardsand drags it.I filmed her - from behind -doing this. It is nowhere near as badas she does it sometimes.

She nows actually lifts that leg. She does still drag it (I don't expect miracles). But shedoesn't drag it all the time now - only at the end of the walk when she is tired.She USED TO drag it from the start of the walk.But the main thing is thatI do believe it is working

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