Sashas™ Club - Kirby


Pet Name: Kirby
Pet Age: 2 Years
Breed: Murray River Curly Coated Retriever
Condition: Hip Dysplasia
Pet Owner: Jennie Queensland

Kirby was diagonosed with extremely bad Hip Dysplasia at the age of only seven months old.  My vet put him onto Sashas Blend™.  He is now two years old and gets around as if there is nothing wrong with him at all.  There is no more bunny hopping up the stairs and he trots around instead of going at a canter.  Kirby runs, jumps and plays with my eight other dogs and his action is no different from the rest.  I am sure that Kirby's happy and pain free existance is all due to the teaspoon of Sashas Blend™ he gets daily in his milk or sprinkled on his food.  Two of my other dogs are very old, a Staffy and another Murray.  At times both have a bit of trouble getting mobile in the morning, especially if it's cold, so they get a few days of Sashas Blend™ and it puts the spring back into their step, my old cat who recently passed away at the age of 24 was also on Sashas Blend and it certainly helped him too. 

I cannot speak highly enough of your wonderful product and have no hesitation in recommending it to others, it truely is a wonder drug.  Thank you for giving my animals the quality of life they deserve.

A greatful animal Lover Jennie

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