Sashas™ Club - Bessie & Holly

Bessie & Holly

: Labrador
Age: 4 years
Presenting Problem: congenital deformity in hips
Owners: Allen & Denise, New Zealand

We have had the most phenomenal success using Sasha's Blend for our 4 year old black lab, Bess! Diagnosed at the age of 2 years with hip problems caused by a congenital deformity, we were offered options of replacement hips at $10,000 with no guarantees, palliative care using steroidal drugs for the next couple of years before having to put her down, or euthanasia. We weren't going to give up easily and read testimonials on Sasha's Blend website and decided to give it try. To our astonishment, after a couple of weeks on Sasha's Blend Bess was once again able to run freely and jump up onto the couch (and our bed). After 2 years on Sasha's Blend she has taken up her life again to the level that a 4 year old lab should. She is also quite able to stand up at the bench now and check for any food she can steal - amazing results for a dog unable to get up off the floor from sitting or lying down!

Holly the Cat

Age: 18 years

After such brilliant success with Bess, we have started our 18 year old cat, Holly on it as well. After about three weeks she is now walking on her pads and not the bones of her legs between her feet and her elbows in the hindquarters, her coat is glossy and sleek (it was dull and clumpy looking) and she is grooming herself again! She loves the taste and has started to put on a bit of condition since being on Sasha's Blend. We are just so pleased to see Bessie and Holly take up their life again, especially Bess because the choices we were given for her were heartbreaking at the time. Holly, she is an old cat and all we wanted for her was comfort in her later years, although the way she is going now, I think that we will have her for quite some time yet! Thankyou for giving Bess and Holly back their quality of life and us our buddies, it has meant so much to all our family.

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