Kiah & Ayesha

Reason For Use: Preventative & Treatment
Age: Kiah - 12 Yrs (Black Dog), Ayesha - 2 Yes (Red Dog)
Owner: Anne, SA

About 4 years ago Kiah began to exhibit signs of stiffness and as her grandfather and father had had very bad arthritis (both had to be put to sleep at age 10 and 11 respectively as the condition became so badthat they could no longer walk without pain and one of the dogs belonged to a vet!) I was obviously concerned that Kiah might go the same way.

My vet told me about Sasha's blend and I began to use it regularly. Within 6 weeks her stiffness was gone and at age 12 she still walks with me for 2 to 3 hours a day and plays vigourouslywith her much younger companion.

Her litter sister who went to a friend of mine and whom I saw regularly throughout her life exhibited the same signs as Kiah at the same age. I told my friend to give her Sasha's blend but she decided against it preferring to give her only fish oil capsules.

Kelly (that was her name) had to be put to sleep at age 11. She was almost crippled with arthritis by this time and could no longer walk more than a few hundred metres a day!!!

So thank you all for an amazing product.

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