Sashas™ Club - Chief


Alaskan Malamute
Presenting problem: Hip Dysplasia
Age: 6
Owner: Kerri & Rhys

We noticed Chief would sort of "hop" with his back legs when he was zooming around when he was less than one year old. After a trip to the vet, x-rays and an awful diagnosis of really bad hip dysplasia, we were devastated. A friend of ours told us about Sashas Blend so we thought we would give it a go - it was the miracle cure we were after!!!

Chief is now six and is still going like a champion!! He zooms around the place with his playmate Ash (our second Alaskan Malamute and Chief's half brother). Sashas Blend really works and without it Chief can hardly move, I recommend it to everyone!!! Thanks Sashas Blend - your product is brilliant!!!!!!!!

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