How to Buy Sashas™ Products

Sashas Blend™ is a VET only product and is available over the counter from most veterinary clinics throughout Australia and New Zealand along with our new product Sashas Flexibites™.

If your vet does not stock the Sashas™ range they are able to order it in from their veterinary supplier. If you have any issues in locating a supplier please contact us.

Advantages of buying Sasha’s Blend™ locally

1) Sashas Blend™ has been specifically formulated for your country
2) Sashas Blend™ has been freighted and stored correctly
3) The ingredients in Sashas Blend™ are compliant for your country
4) You can check the expiry date before you buy
5) Sashas Blend™ has been shipped to your local veterinary clinic with the utmost care, assuring optimum efficacy
6) Sashas Blend™ bought from your local veterinarian clinic assures a full back up service






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