Looking for an easier way to give your dog Sashas™ Blend?

Sashas Blend™, Australia's favourite joint health treatment for dogs, is now available as a bite-sized dog treat.

Sashas Flexi gives you the same selection of premium ingredients proven to support and promote joint health as your dog ages, but in a convenient formulation that dogs love.

Dosing is easier - just check the label for how many Sashas Flexi bites to give your dog, based on its weight. If you like the proven efficacy and safety of Sashas Blend, but would prefer a more convenient dosing form without mixing or measuring, it's the ideal choice.

Sashas Flexi comes in 200g tubs containing approximately 160 bites and is available from your vet.

Sashas Flexi, like Sashas Blend, is a scientifically formulated and proven concentration of marine actives, developed as a complete joint treatment to reduce discomfort, protect and lubricate joint, and promote mobility and vitality.

With its proven efficacy and safety and uncompromising standards of quality and manufacture, Sashas Blend offers and outstanding solution to joint problems for dogs - and now offers more convenient dosing too.



Welcome to Sashas™ Australia!

The Sashas™ website is aimed at providing you with information on the Australian Sashas™ product range and other details on our products and services including: 

What Sashas™ can do for your pet:


  • Increase joint mobility
  • Protect the cartilage from breakdown
  • Safe to take long term




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Sashas Blend™
Sashas Blend™

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